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MOP as it is known supports six Anglican caring centres in Zimbabwe & Botswana. They include Holy Cross Hospice in Botswana, and Bonda Childrens Home. We also support Zimbabwe Aids Fund helping families through Avondale Church Harare Children's Home Manicaland, Kunzwana Women's Association, Kubatana Project Manicaland,St. Patricks Clinc Gweru, Daramombe Clinic Masvingo



Hello, everyone – it is extraordinary to realise that we have reached November, and that this strange new

world has been in existence now for almost a year. What a year it has been, for us all. I do hope you have

remained well and keep safe in these worrying times.

I must begin the news by reassuring you that, despite the inevitable limitations posed by the Covid

restrictions, Jill Hetherington’s funeral and thanksgiving services passed off smoothly on 22nd October –

the sun shone almost all day, and the limited number of people able to attend the thanksgiving service at

St James’s Church, Prebend Street, Islington in London enjoyed wonderful singing from a resident

soprano, fabulous flower arrangements, an additional altar set up as if for a Maundy Thursday Vigil, and

candles burning on every available surface, as specified by Jill herself in the 14-page document of notes

she had left. Not everything she had wished for could be included, of course, but the final result was

nonetheless a memorable and moving occasion. She will of course be hugely missed, and it is sad to

realise that both the founders of MOP have now left us.

As always, news from Zimbabwe is only sporadic, but the little we have learned has not been encouraging

– continuing shortages of water, food, electricity, money, and medical supplies all making life extremely

difficult for the people. We still receive occasional reports from journalist Cathy Buckle, detailing her

personal experience of living in these conditions – you can visit her blog if you wish to explore further.

We have had no news about the Bonda Children’s Home, and the last tranche of money sent to meet the

bill for school fees was returned to us. We have, however, had a further request recently, and the funds

have been sent for a second time, in the hope that this time they will arrive safely.

We have not heard from the Avonvale Centre in Mabvuku since April but an e-mail exchange in June did at

least indicated that the work was continuing despite all the difficulties.

Dumisani, despite finding it very difficult to get any kind of paid work, is apparently keeping safe and well –

quite an achievement, in view of the terrifying reports we hear of young men being dragged off the streets

and beaten up for no apparent reason by the military and the police. We continue to pray for him, and also

to send funds to the Tariro Centre in Harare, where he still lives.

St James’s Church Islington continues to be hugely supportive with donations from their Lenten Appeal

and Harvest collection, which is very much appreciated.

We remain enormously grateful for your continuing interest in, and support of, MOP and its work, and hope

that this reminder may prompt you to either send a cheque (made payable to ‘TZABA (MOP)’) to Liz Martin, or (if you bank electronically) send direct to TZABA’s account at 40-52-40, a/c

00003254, using your name and ‘MOP’ as the identifier. You can, of course, also donate via the JustGiving

button on this website, or at my page on the Just Giving site. On the website there is also a link to a

JustGiving page ‘in memoriam of Jill’ (you will find this at the top of the Home page), should you wish to

make a contribution in her memory.

I still have supplies of the postcard designed by the Bonda student (£1 for 4 cards), and would be happy to

send these to any interested person on receipt of an e-mail or telephone request (see below).

And finally – if you have acquired (or changed) an e-mail address, please advise me so I can send this

electronically in future! Indeed, any alteration of address or phone number would also be appreciated.

God bless you all. We must all pray for a happier year in 2021.

Jo Barton

UK Fundraiser

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