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MOP as it is known supports six Anglican caring centres in Zimbabwe & Botswana. They include Holy Cross Hospice in Botswana, and Bonda Childrens Home. We also support Zimbabwe Aids Fund helping families through Avondale Church Harare Children's Home Manicaland, Kunzwana Women's Association, Kubatana Project Manicaland,St. Patricks Clinc Gweru, Daramombe Clinic Masvingo



Dear MOP supporter

November again - and what a year it has been!  I do hope you (and yours) have come through it unscathed, and that you will enjoy reading the attached newsletter about MOP and the projects we have been able to support despite the best efforts of the Covid virus.  It comes with my very best wishes for a happy and peaceful Christmas, and all hope for the coming year. 

Jo Barton

UK Fundraiser (MOP)

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