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MOP as it is known supports six Anglican caring centres in Zimbabwe & Botswana. They include Holy Cross Hospice in Botswana, and Bonda Childrens Home. We also support Zimbabwe Aids Fund helping families through Avondale Church Harare Children's Home Manicaland, Kunzwana Women's Association, Kubatana Project Manicaland,St. Patricks Clinc Gweru, Daramombe Clinic Masvingo

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Dear MOP supporter

November again - and what a year it has been!  I do hope you (and yours) have come through it unscathed, and that you will enjoy reading the attached newsletter about MOP and the projects we have been able to support despite the best efforts of the Covid virus.  It comes with my very best wishes for a happy and peaceful Christmas, and all hope for the coming year. 

Jo Barton

UK Fundraiser (MOP)


Hello, everyone – it is good to be writing to you all once again, and I do hope you have survived the pandemic and all the other difficulties with your health intact and a measure of courage to face what looks like a difficult winter to come.The TZABA Committee has met just once ‘in real life’ this year, on the day of the Annual Meeting in July – and what a joy it was to see people in the flesh. Otherwise, meetings have taken place on Zoom, which does at least save on time and effort in travelling to a meeting venue. The committee was very sorry to lose its long-standing member, Martin Kenyon, who died in September at the grand old age of 92 (a full-page obituary in the Times (3.10.22) did him full justice – he was an extraordinary character, and will be sorely missed). You can also find an obituary on the TZABA website.As for MOP, fund-raising remains a challenge, but I hope for some sales of Christmas cards in the next few weeks, and your contributions are of course hugely appreciated. The parish church in Duns Tew, Oxfordshire, especially, has been a regular supporter, as the charity is one of their quarterly ‘charitable giving’ recipients, and St James, Islington continues with Lenten and Harvest donations.As always, news from Zimbabwe has been scarce – but regular bi-monthly newsletters from the Avondale centre in Mabvuku have continued to come through, and it is enormously encouraging to hear how all their young people are managing to progress with their education in the face of huge difficulties (teachers are no longer paid, so all lessons are online, and it has been necessary to send funds for purchase of cell- phones so that the students can continue their studies).There has been little news from Bonda, but we understand that life goes on much as usual, and that there have not been any serious problems with the virus, for which we are all thankful.I was delighted to make direct contact with Dumisani on Facebook, and this is what he told me: “Hello Jo.I am so happy to hear from you. It’s been very long. Yes I got a new job working with peace projects. Iam still on three months trial period. I am working as an assistant project manager. I am very excitedabout the opportunity and hope everything will go well I am giving it my all because it's been extremelyhard for me to get a job. If it goes well I am hoping to save so that I can do a Master’s degree it’s beenone of my plans. I did avoid Covid thank you, in as far as I know I didn't get it...I was very safe. I hopeyou avoided it too.” I understand that the job is in Mozambique, so we can perhaps hope that his life isnow developing well enough for us to wish him all the best for a successful future – it certainly sounds hopeful.We remain enormously grateful for your continuing interest in, and support of, MOP and its work, and hope that this reminder may prompt you to either send a cheque (made payable to ‘TZABA (MOP)’) to Mr A Elsworth, 10 Lurkins Rise, Goudhurst, Kent TN17 1ED, or (if you bank electronically) send direct to TZABA’s account at 40-52-40, a/c 00003254, using your name and ‘MOP’ as the identifier. You can, of course, also donate via the JustGiving button on the TZABA website.And finally – if you have acquired (or changed) an e-mail address, please advise me so I can send this electronically in future! Indeed, any alteration of address or phone number would also be appreciated.God bless you all. We must all pray for a happier year in 2022.Jo Barton (UK Fundraiser) 0792 914 3519.

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